Modern Boarding: 

Sleeping in the comfort of your own home

We believe Modern Boarding is the next evolution in dog care where overnight accommodations are needed.  The familiar sights, sounds, and smells of home can dramatically reduce the stress dogs experience while being separated from their parents.


After arriving at daycare, your pup will spend the day playing & relaxing with friends while going out for multiple walks.  At 9:00 PM we will take her out for a bedtime walk in the reassuring comfort of her own neighborhood and then take her home.  If she is staying with us again the next day, we will arrive 30 minutes before the daycare opens to take your pup on a morning walk before joining her friends in the lounge for another day of play!

The rate for Modern Boarding: $99.00.

Pickup on your departure day available:  $15

Early morning (before 7am) walk on your return day available:  $35


Every Dog is unique


The typical day for every dog is different.  With a defined capacity and a 6:1 team ratio, we are able to customize each dog’s Boarding experience to help minimize the stress and anxiety that is common with major disruptions to their normal schedule and external boarding in general.