DAILY WALKS:  9:00 AM, 12 NOON, 3:00 PM, 6:00 PM

Cage-free, non-stop supervision with 6 dogs per Team Member, and plenty of space to run & play or relax; Executive Dog Lounge offers the ultimate experience for dogs while spending the day away from home.  Our cage-free environment allows guests to run and play all day and as a result increases their daily exercise tenfold!  The clear benefit is weight management.  One or two daily visits by a dog walker, while beneficial, is not enough exercise to have a significant impact on body weight.

With a maximum of 6 dogs per team member, we are able to closely monitor pups that are playing to ensure everyone gets along and reaps the benefits of socializing in a positive environment.  Just as important as cage-free socializing is outdoor/public walks while in daycare.  This helps balance your dog’s socialization between daycare and city life.


The fine print

10 & 20 Day Packages:  Expire 80 and 100 days, respectively, after purchase date and require reservations; reservations are based on availability. ALL PACKAGES AND MEMBERSHIPS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Late pick-up fee: 1 min – 30 min after closing → $20.  30 min – 60 min after closing → $40.

All prices subject NJ State sales tax.

Daily walks subject to extremes in temperature for safety considerations.