Executive Dog Lounge

The next evolution in dog care. “Everything for the dogs!”
Trouble is out for a walk and her expression is saying; "Don't touch my elephant chew toy or I'll bite your ass!"

Personal Care

Every dog at the EDL is given equal amounts personal care and attention. BJ is loving the ‘spotlight’ after a spa day at Glamour Pet Salon!
Lilly being social first time at dog daycare - executive dog lounge

Compassion & Devotion

Excellent success with timid, fearful dogs.  Notice Lilly in the middle; her first interaction with any dogs since being rescued from the shelter!
Goldie on her back playing with chew toy on the center carpet at the executive dog lounge.

Playtime Too!

There is always plenty of time to play and socialize! Goldie is trying to figure out her little lamb chew toy while her friends are out for a walk!

Our Story

The Executive Dog Lounge was born out of need:  The need for a doggy daycare we felt comfortable leaving our two kids when we would be out of town.  My girlfriend (Lisbeth Probus; owner/operator of Glamour Pet Salon & Vanity) and I have two dogs that are a part of us, our family, our life.  {Bobby is a 17.5 yr Standard Schnauzer; Trouble is a 3.5 yr Mini Schnauzer-Shi Tzu mix; “Schnau-Tzu!” (ages updated: June 2018)} They’re our children and we want the finest for them.  Until now, there was no finest to choose from in Jersey City.  {Now Six} years ago we started discussing the idea of a doggy daycare that we would feel comfortable entrusting our kids care to.  We dreamed of a place that would be like home for them with couches, chairs, a fireplace, and a TV to keep them company.  A place where they could play all day while under the supervision of caring, attentive staff.  The available facilities offered nothing appealing; a square room with a rubber floor, or an outside patio for two hours a day with no supervision and the rest of the day in a cage.

We both agreed we would NEVER place our kids in such a place.  Executive Dog Lounge was created with my heart knowing that if I wouldn’t enjoy spending a day ‘here’ as a guest then our kids would never spend the day ‘here’ as guests.  Well, we exceeded our dreams and the results are obvious.  Our kids love it here and we love it here.  I can’t imagine leaving our kids anywhere else, ever!

Warm regards,

James Dembowski

Our Mission

We really do mean “The Next Evolution in Dog Care”.  Our goal is to elevate the standard of care in the doggy daycare industry across the board.  I believe that personal, caring, and attentive care can be given to each guest in a daycare environment.  All of us at Executive Dog Lounge hold this belief close to our hearts. The greatest compliment a customer has ever given me was “My dog is like my child and I trust you to take care of her.”  That is a trust We Will Never Break!