**PLEASE NOTE:  We are unable to accommodate “last minute” requests for Daycare or Modern Boarding for new kids.  This is non-negotiable as we are a cage-free environment and the safety of our guests is paramount.**

We request that parents provide a clip style harness for safety while walking your pup.  

We recommend any style of harness that has one standard ‘pinch & release’ style buckle on the back that allows the harness to be removed quickly and easily.

All dogs 6 months of age or older should be spayed/neutered.  Dogs must be in good health as well as flea and tick free. We observe every dog upon check-in for obvious signs of coughing, sneezing, and discharge from nose, eyes, and mouth (productive coughing). We reserve the right to refuse admission to ensure the safety of other dogs.  

Cleanliness is a way of life for us at EDL.  We understand that grooming is a personal choice and that even freshly groomed pups will get dirty.  We request that parents maintain a basic level cleanliness with their pups.  If needed, we can arrange priority reservations at Glamour Pet Salon and Vanity for a “Basic Bath” starting at $60 which includes shampoo, conditioner, nails, sanitary trim, and ears {if needed}.

Required Vaccinations

Each guest must meet our vaccination standards before joining us.  Please be sure that all vaccines have been administered at least 10 days prior to joining us.  

Veterinarian certificate indicating the current vaccinations:


Distemper (DHPP, DHLPP, DA2PP-L, DA2PP-C…)

Bordetella Vaccine (Kennel Cough) within the past 6 months

Vaccination records must be received 3 days prior to arrival so that we may verify all vaccinations are current. 


We require reservations, especially during the holidays. You’ll find the reservation and check-in process quite convenient once your pet’s file has been established.  Cancellations for daycare must be made 24 hrs prior to reservations, 72 hrs for ‘daycare’ holiday reservations. Cancellations for boarding must be made 5 days prior to reservations at all times. (Due to our limited space for overnight care, the boarding cancellation policy is strictly adhered to.)  Boarding reservations are not ‘guaranteed’ until fully paid for.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX and require a valid credit card number on file. However, you may use any payment you choose.